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Merry Christmas Darling | Release date Dec 2013

Soulful rendition of Carpenters classic. Performed by Andrea Sanchini and emerging vocal talent Silvia Dragonieri. Download it FREE till Dec 20 by clicking Here.

Thousand Things | Release date March 2004

Thousand Things, released in 2004, is Marco Taggiasco's first solo album. It contains seven songs written in a classical Adult Contemporary/ West Coast style, featuring emerging vocal talent Andrea Sanchini. The record has quickly become a little cult item mostly in Japan and Northern Europe, selling quite well worldwide. It has been extensively reviewed on the most relevant West Coast websites and portals in Japan, Sweden, Austria, Denmark and France where It has been regarded as one of the most interesting AC/WCM albums of 2004/2005.
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This Moment | Release date April 2008

Marco Taggiasco's second release features David Pack's vocals on the title track, plus two unreleased songs written by Eric Tagg, which also performs on them, coming back in the studio after ten years. Guest performers include Andrea Sanchini as leadsinger and writer, and Danish/American singer songwriter Anne Marie Bush. "I wanted the record to reflect different sides of my work" - Marco explains - "And having such great talents performing on the album gave me the best chance to do it. They are the real stars in this project".
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Got To Believe (This Time) ! Release date August 2009

Marco Taggiasco teams up with Grammy nominee artist and westcoast legend Robbie Dupree. The single is co-written by the two, and blends classic AOR style with typical Marco's signature production. Unmistakable vocals and classy arrangements for this successful collaboration.
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Things and Moments LIVE | Release date: October 2011

Recorded live in 2011. This Enhanced-CD features 5 unreleased tracks and 4 videos, and includes cuts from the whole discography and new arrangements from Marco first album Thousand Things for a total of 15 tracks. Line up includes Andrea Sanchini, Daphne Nisi and Danish singer-songwriter Claus Leonhardt on vocals plus a bunch of renowned session players. “The idea behind the project is: I had some unreleased songs - Marco explains - songs that didn’t find a way on my records, good songs in my opinion, and I also had the songs from my very first cd, which was made with a massive use of programming and very little live playing so Riziero and I (Riziero Bixio, album producer) thought it would have been nice to gather round some friends and make a concert to share those songs and give them a second chance”.
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